Meet Eddie & Allie

With over 25 years in the industry, Eddie and Allie transform bodies, businesses and relationships.

Eddie is an expert personal trainer, agility coach, strength & conditioning coach and life mentor.

Allie is a Certified Transformational Coach with a nutrition, mastery and relationship coaching background.

>> Transforming bodies through customized nutrition, fitness and healthy habit changes

>> Helping other PTs, coaches and wellness entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses that get next-level client results.

>> Empowering couples through health and habit change, individual and together goal setting and the skills to empower rather than police one another, re-energizing their relationship and LIFE.

Together, Eddie & Allie practice what they preach with their kids & dogs. Living their best life and empowering others to do the same.

Does this sound familiar?

Bodyweight goes up, self-confidence crashes, Bodyweight goes down, self-confidence boosts then bodyweight goes back up and self-confidence crashes again-sound familiar? It’s the nightmare rollercoaster ride that you want off of immediately. We know and we’re here to help you get off that ride for good.

Weight loss, improved body image, lean muscle and your healthiest body is an outcome not a goal. When we step back and focus on what habits we have that are negatively influencing our lives and develop the skills necessary for empowered growth within each area of our life, our optimal and healthiest body is an outcome of those successes.

Longevity comes from success in each area of health: Physical health, nutritional health, mental health, relational health, financial health.  

We have met many people who share how much they struggle with this so much. Clients who want long-lasting results but don’t know how to step off the rollercoaster ride and step into the longevity of health, wellness and body transformation results. Thus The Body Transformation Clinic was born out of the dire need of sharing the vast knowledge, experience and results we have had in our own personal health and wellness journeys but that of our clients and education and training. 

How is this achieved? Through customized fitness, nutrition and habit change – we create the body, energy and confidence that WILL bring long-lasting change in your life. 

​The transformation of your body increases self-confidence, self-awareness and leadership in your life.

If your ULTIMATE goals are RIPPED BODY, ABS, TO SEE LEAN MUSCLE, BUILD SELF CONFIDENCE and have SUCCESS in every area of your life, then start now!

Start doing!

The Body Transformation Clinic

>> On-boarding

>> Personalized, Detailed Health Assessment

>> Customized Nutrition Plan

>> Customized Movement/Workout Plan

>> 1:1 progress tracking & coaching directly with Eddie and Allie

>> Continued support through our Body Transformation Clinic Private Client Page

>> Grocery lists & recipes.

>> Lifetime access to our 12 Steps to Habit Change transformational online coaching series and supporting documents.


We are so confident that you will succeed that if you don't or you find yourself reverting, we will provide the support needed to get you back on track. Transforming Bodies & Lives, once and for all.

Our signature Health & Fitness Program

"Me on the left was a shot in April 2020 right when COVID happened weighing in at 213lbs. I didn't care about my nutrition or health. Me on the right was shot in September 2020 weighing in at 185lbs and I've put all my nutrition, dedication to the gym, all on the line. I hired the best trainers, nutrition experts and trusted the process. Anything is possible, just GET IT!"

"Our health has been put on the back burner for too long, and if we want to be around to watch our granddaughter grow up, we need to do something now! So with Eddie & Allie's help, we started on a new chapter. 2020 is going to be our year of healing, growth, and forgiveness! Thank you both for your love and support. We are blessed to have you in our lives!"

“With both Eddie & Allie's help, I am the healthiest I've ever been – both inside and out. Thank you Health Academy Inc. What an appropriate name! Eddie & Allie are very committed to the success of their clients. I can now squat my husband!”